Wendell Odom, JR.

Annually a Texas Monthly's Super Lawyer and recipient of Martindale- Hubbell's highest ratings Wendell Odom earned an international reputation as a criminal defense attorney. Although best known to the public for representing Andrea Yates after she tragically drowned her five children.

The "not guilty by reason of insanity" verdict in her incredibly high profile re-trial touched off a national debate over insanity laws and our system of justice. Wendell has had a long and successful history of trial advocacy in Criminal law.


Neal Tripp Davis, III

Neal has never backed down from a fight, but he's never jumped into one "blind" either. His bulldog attitude has carried through and helped make him one of the rising stars in criminal defense in Houston.

Neal Davis, III has been involved in the criminal justice system for more than twenty years. He was a police officer with the Houston Police Department investigating cases from petty theft to capital murder. He worked overseas, using his affinity for languages in the oil fields of Russia and Africa.



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